I feel like I’m always getting caught up in the latest food trends and never stick around long enough to know if they’re legit. I’m sure these foods work and are beneficial, but I’ll never reap the benefits if I try something out only for a week. I’ve been a sucker for Kombucha, juicing, raw foods, magical “ all natural mango caffeine” pills, and the like. The latest craze in the health food world has been these Chia seeds. That’s right. Remember those crazy clay bald heads that grow a fro when you water them, or better known as Chia pets? Well, whowouldathunk that a Chia seed is uber beneficial to our health. Why didn’t anyone think of eating these seeds 20 something years ago? Or am I just being played?

It’s known to help with our digestion, bloating/belly problems, has a lot of omega 3, plenty of vitamins, balances blood sugar, helps with weight loss without starving, leaves you feeling energized (and Lord knows I need a lot of that through my day) and overall, just sounds like the perfect magic seed. It’s no Jack and his beanstalk, but I was willing to give it a try. So, I rushed over to Whole Foods (yes, yes, that’s where the naïve like myself go when they want to get ripped off) and bought me my first bag of chia seeds.

So for the last week or so, I’ve been mixing it into my protein shakes along with ice, whey powder, banana, almond milk, cinnamon, and a dash of oats. Even after being blended, the seed is still crunchy (because who doesn’t want that in their smoothie) and has a tendency to stick to the side of your throat. Honestly, I don’t mind it at all. It’s barely noticeable especially since it’s flavorless and I know it packs a punch of benefits. I just want to know I’m reaping these benefits and not buying into a fad.

Today I tried just mixing it into a canned protein shake since I didn’t have time to blend. Big mistake. It all gunked up together and became this huge gooey blob that required chewing and gnawing and picking at your teeth. Unfortunately, I had to throw it out due to my disgust.

For now, I have a big bag of this stuff and I have to hold onto them. I might try mixing it into some food eventually. I just hope it’s not all just a huge placebo though. I want to feel better on the inside as much as on the outside.

To see how much they ch-ch-ch-chia, I’m conducting an experiment to see if they’ll grow. For now, they’re resting on a small saucer over a wet paper towel on my window sill. Maybe they’ll begin to sprout and I can just start growing my own chia?


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