Embark with me

Growing up, I’ve never really been too concerned with being “healthy” per say. I’ve gone through a lot of phases with my fitness and eating, but my biggest concern was always weight loss. Recently, I’ve come to realize that weight loss doesn’t equate to health. I’ve had an enlightening moment where I’ve realized how important it is to take care of my body today for tomorrow. You really ARE what you eat. There’s no way around it. You love green veggies, you’ll be full of energy and feel great. Eat a double double animal style burger, and you’ll feel like an animal who really needs to take a nap. My vice has always been sugar, and Lord knows it shows. I eat sugar, I bloat into a Goodyear blimp. Once I get going, I don’t stop. Welcome the familiar binge.

I don’t want to keep facing the same cycle. I want to feel good not only on the outside but on the inside. I’m just a normal person that hasn’t developed any healthy habits, thanks to my lovely traditional, Middle-Eastern parents (God bless their hearts for not knowing any better). In the last year, my eyes have opened to a whole new world in health. I’m still continuing on this journey. Join me on my quest as a “normal” person (whatever that means – weekend-binge-eating-greasy-foods-sugar-snacks-chocolate cakes-cookies-galore) who tries to find their way to becoming a health nut. I want to be a granola. A hippie. A purist. Borderline Palean-Raw-Gluten Free-Microbiotic-All Natural-Organic-Local-Homegrown-Juicing-Blending-Growing foodie. I want to have my gluten-free cake, and eat it, too.


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One thought on “Embark with me

  1. Cassie Tsang on said:

    Love this article! I have felt the same for years and years. I finally bought a juicer and it has changed my life and my bad habits. I mix lots of veggies and fruits into one juice and I drink it for breakfast and dinner. Sometimes at lunch i don’t know what to eat because I’d rather juice! Yes, It’s THAT incredible!

    I think after researching all the different types of “diets” out there, you have to choose one that fits your lifestyle and your beliefs. I am a believer that animal based proteins cause cancers/diseases so I try to follow the Gerson Theory of dieting – little by little I think I will get there one day – although I still eat meat/poulty/diary/cheeses. =/

    I love the way my body feels on the inside since my juicing diet, I can definitely feel and see the difference. Plus, I would never eat THAT many veggies and fruits on daily/weekly basis.


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