The Green Eyed Monster


This green concoction, better known as the Green Monster, has become my latest and greatest food obsession in the last week. I promise it’s a lot tastier than it looks. It’s a mixture of spinach, kale, unsweetened vanilla almond milk, chia seeds, banana, pineapple, (apple at times), (blueberries from time to time), vanilla whey protein powder, and ice. You can barely even taste the kale and spinach. Honestly, I would probably never ever throw these fruits and veggies in a bowl together and chomp away at this blend. The blender is a magical device just pureeing all the “eww” combos and blending it together to become this tasty delectable that you would never think goes together so tastefully. The banana really does complement the spinach by adding a creaminess. I have found myself really craving this! You can really make a Green Monster with any smoothie as long as you have your classic blend of spinach, banana and a base (any milk and yogurt would do). I feel like I’m doing my insides the biggest favor and my body is loving me back for it by giving me energy. Maybe I can start weening off coffee (ha! – that was funny and wishful thinking).

If I could, I’d have it for all meals and get all the needed vitamins and nutrients every time. Yes, I sound like a crazy person. A year ago I would have never in my right mind considered such a mix and now my mouth salivates for it over a donut. What’s wrong with me?? Am I reaching enlightenment of this transformation? Far from it – unfortunately, I hate to admit that I’ve had my share of splurging on sugary treats and had a few binge sessions since I started. The good news is, it’s definitely decreased and I don’t have such strong cravings anymore. Rome wasn’t built in a day, but hopefully it takes a lot faster than that.


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2 thoughts on “The Green Eyed Monster

  1. That looks so yummy! That’s interesting… I’ve heard that kale is really good for you, but I never knew how to go about eating the stuff! I’ll have to get some and try one of these out. Thanks!

    • It’s really hard figuring out how to eat it raw – I heard you actually literally have to massage your kale (you heard that right – haven’t tried this method yet though). It’s best cooked since it’s such a rough green. I find it easiest to just blend it 🙂

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